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Webs litter the trees…

As you gaze into what once was the Forest of Tears, you see that not all is fine. The undergrowth is thick with finger-sized thorns and there appear to be no game trails of any kind. Tree branches and undergrowth alike are choked with spider webs, and the woodlands are exceptionally quiet and shrouded in shadow.

Suddenly a thrashing of foliage far off to the south gets your attention, and a fearful growl reaches you as two unseen combatants fight for survival. A yelp escapes the darkened forest and all goes quiet. Looking desperately to catch a glimpse of something, you strain your eyes for several minutes to no avail. Then, just as you start to think there is nothing to see, a glimmering set of eyes appears from the deep dark. You can’t make out anything about the being that the eyes belong to, but even at this distance you can see the cold evil in its stare, and your throat goes dry.

Several more sets of eyes appear, and you wonder just what type of creature they belong to…

Home Page

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